Panzermuseet shelter facility (The facility is open all year round)

Spend one or more nights in the very special and unique shelter facility located in the scenic spruce plantation at Panzermuseum East. The shelter consists of the reed bunker, the spruce barracks and the field mess. Combine this with an educational visit to Panzermuseum East and get the full Cold War experience.

The unique tube bunkers

The large tube bunker is designed with 5 large and 2 small tubes and the small tube bunker is designed with 1 large and 1 small tube. Each of the large tubes can accommodate 2 adults (of normal size) and the small tubes can accommodate 1 adult each. Of course, there can be more if there are children. The large tube bunker has an indoor fire pit in the center of the facility and the small tube bunker has an outdoor fire pit. The exciting bunkers, which are hidden in the plantation, are overgrown by wild nature, creating a lovely atmosphere throughout the area. All pipe segments are fitted with USB charging sockets for a small lamp or cell phone charging. USB light sources are available for loan on arrival. In the immediate vicinity there is a toilet with flush (handicap-friendly) and there is also an outdoor washing area.

The large tube bunker costs 600,- per day and the small tube bunker costs 200,- per day. The spruce barrack costs 50,- per person and if you want to pitch a tent or hammock, it also costs 50,- per person per day.

At all sites, including the field fair and the spruce barracks, you can only use firewood purchased from us upon arrival at the site. A bag of firewood costs 60

Spruce barracks

The Granbarakken is a bunker facility built above ground, but covered so that it feels like a trench. The barracks is divided into two large rooms, each with room for 16 people to sleep in real bunk beds. Both rooms have access to their own outdoor barbecue area with seating, and both rooms have lamps and USB sticks.

Field fairs

Feltmessen is a dining house with seating for at least 32 people with a large fireplace/grill. Feltmessen is a very cozy covered dining house where you can spend many lovely evenings watching deer and hares running around in the scenic plantation.


Pricing as follows;

  • Granbarakken with 2 x 16 bunk beds 50,- per person per night.
  • Pipe bunker with 7 pipes DKK 600,- per night. There is room for 12 adults or more if you have children with you.
  • Pipe bunker with 2 pipes DKK 200,- per night. There is room for 3 adults or more if there are children.
  • If you need to set up a tent or hammocks, it costs 50,- per person per night.

Firewood and charcoal are not allowed and oven-dried firewood at 60,- per 25 ltr. bag will be handed out on arrival.
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Book by writing to and for further information call tel. +45 20 25 90 90 48. Advance booking is required.

When you arrive, you will be given a set of rules for your stay in our scenic plantation.

Rules of conduct and general information about staying in the museum's shelter facility:

  • Playing and climbing on the earth walls and roofs of the facilities is not allowed.
  • Out of consideration for neighbors and respect for nature, it is not allowed to play music, the shelter area is only for socializing and nature experiences.
  • It is not allowed to bring firewood/charcoal, it must be purchased at the museum.
  • It is not permitted to set up tents/campers in the shelter area without prior agreement.
  • Shelters, restrooms and dining halls and the entire park/plantation area must be treated with decency and respect, so use the trash cans diligently.
  • For environmental reasons, avoid unnecessary water consumption in/near the toilet/outdoor kitchen building, which means, for example, not letting the water run unnecessarily while brushing teeth or washing dishes.
  • Smoking is only allowed directly at the shelter, use the cigarette butts.
  • Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a leash at all times, and you must bring waste bags that are placed in the trash cans.
  • Be careful with grills during dry periods and in strong winds.
  • The facilities must be left in good order and cleaned no later than 11.30 am the day after the overnight stay, all waste must be disposed of in the trash bins and the grills must be turned off so that the facilities can be used directly by the next team.
  • You are allowed to stay anywhere in the park/plantation area including the FUT track, but you are not allowed to stay in the museum area and the small driving facilities.
  • Children must always be supervised by an adult, as the deep lakes are dangerous. Staying in shelters does not allow access to the museum area and the small driving facilities.
  • Fire extinguishers are installed for safety. Unnecessary emptying costs DKK 1000 in fines.

Failure to comply with the above will result in expulsion

In the event of an accident, call 112 and an ambulance is called to the driveway at the red/white pole on the left side of Næblerødvej 300 m. from the T-junction Næblerødvej/Fladholtevej

Emergency room tel. 70150700

  • A defibrillator is available between the toilet and cafe at the museum
  • There is a small emergency kit in the shelter's toilet building.
  • Call us on 20259048 if you have questions or need extra firewood.


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