Tracked vehicles:

  • T72: Czechoslovakian license-built Soviet tank. Denmark's largest privately owned tank.
  • T55 AM2: Hungarian license-built Soviet tank.
  • BMP1: Soviet amphibious armored infantry fighting vehicle.
  • OT90: Soviet amphibious armored personnel carrier.
  • SNAR-10: Soviet long-range radar fire control unit. On MT-LB chassis.
  • FV432 MK2: English armored personnel carrier.
  • FV439: English armored radio/beacon truck.
  • T34-85 : Soviet tank from 1943.
  • Gvozdika 2S1: Soviet 122 mm. self-propelled artillery.
  • 2P24: Launch pad of the Krug 2K11 system for the 3M8 ground-to-air missile.NATO name: SA-4 Ganef.
  • 1S12: Search radar in the Krug 2K11 system . NATO name: P-40 Long track .
  • PT-76: Soviet amphibious assault vehicle.

Armored wheeled vehicles:

  • OT64-SKOT R2M: Czechoslovakian/Polish amphibious command vehicle.
  • BRDM 2-9P131: Soviet amphibious missile vehicle with AT-3 missiles. NATO name: Sagger.
  • BRDM 2 "Reconnaissance": Soviet amphibious reconnaissance vehicle.
  • BRDM 2- RKhB: Soviet amphibious ABC tracking vehicle.
  • BTR 60-PU-12: Soviet amphibious air defense command vehicle.
  • PRAGA M 53/59 "The Lizard": Czechoslovakian 30 mm twin anti-aircraft gun.
  • DANA VZOR 77 152 mm: Czechoslovakian self-propelled artillery.


The truck collection, which counts more than 20 pieces, includes:

  • Tatra 815: articulated haulers
  • Praga V3S in multiple variants
  • ZIL 130
  • ZIL 131
  • STAR 266
  • STAR 660 complete field bakery
  • STAR 660 complete field hospital
  • URAL 375D: fuel transportation
  • URAL 375D: complete radar vehicle/firewire
  • GAZ 66
  • ROBUR LO 2002 A KSA: Kommando-Stabs-Aufbau (with fold-out sides). Only 285 of these were produced, the vast majority of which have been lost.
  • ROBUR LO 2002 A RKE : Rundfunk-Kino-Einrichtung - very rare propaganda vehicle.
  • IFA W50
  • Bedford RLG

Small wheeled vehicles:

  • LUAZ 967: Soviet amphibious transport vehicle.
  • UAZ 469: Soviet reconnaissance vehicle ("Soviet Jeep").
  • Trabant: Bucket truck border control car.
  • Tatra 4×4 : communication vehicle.
  • GAZ 69: Soviet 4×4 all-terrain vehicle.
  • UAZ 452T: Fire control unit for artillery, armor and missiles.


  • URAL 650 CCM: Soviet motorcycle with sidecar.
  • MZ 250 NVA: orderly motorcycle.
  • MZ 250: Volkspolizei, VOPO, patrol motorcycle.
  • Dnepr 750 CCM: Soviet motorcycle with sidecar


  • M1931/37(A-19): Russian 122mm cannon
  • M34: Swedish Bofors 10.5cm cannon
  • Cannon S60: 58mm. Polish anti-aircraft gun


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