Although Panzermuseum East is a professional history museum, there should of course be activities for children as well.

So when you arrive at the entrance, every child is given a task to solve while walking in the halls. The task is to read a short story at various posts, which is also a storytelling exercise. Once you have read the story, you are given one of the letters that provides the solution to what our little museum soldier Ivan is missing before he can go on a very important mission. When the mission is solved, all the children get a "medal".

We've also built a big, cool, kid-sized FUT (military obstacle course) and if you do it on time, you get a nice signed diploma with your name and a little medal on it. The more times you try the course, the faster you get. It's sure to make you sweat.


Near the FUT track there is also a real armoured personnel carrier, a Jeep and a big military truck as well as an even bigger 4 axle Soviet rocket transporter to play in. In one of the halls there is also an armoured radar and communication vehicle where you have to get in and push all the buttons.

The museum also has a large plantation with 5 lakes to enjoy. In the island lake, which is right next to the FUT course, there are a lot of big hungry fish that love to be fed with fish food that can be bought in the shop. In the plantation there are also large lawns where you can play as much as you like. Throughout the plantation you will find tables/benches and there is even the covered grill house "field fair" which seats 32 people. If you want to grill, you can buy firewood in the museum shop. Use of the field fair is on a "first come, first served" basis.


Every weekend and every day during the holidays you can try the wildly fun off-road safari in the big 6 wheel military truck (60,- per person) as well as try a fun ride in the sidecar of Madam Sjang, our old motorcycle (30,-) per ride.

So pack your picnic basket, bring a couple of chess sets or a king's game and spend the whole day at your own pace, playing and learning about history at Panzermuseum East.


Before you leave us after an unforgettable day, you can also visit the Panzer magazine, the museum's souvenir shop with lots of clothes and nice things for both children and adults.

Ps. If a single day with us is not enough, it is of course possible to buy an annual pass at the entrance😉


Our store has a large selection of toys for children and children's minds, professional kits, models and much more.

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