Larger groups and coach companies

At the museum, we welcome large groups, which is why we have plenty of space for several buses at the same time.

If you want a guided tour, you must book well in advance, preferably at least 14 days in advance. You can book by email or by phone 20259048.

A guided tour should preferably consist of no more than 30 - max. 35 people due to space limitations in the halls, and there are also other visitors in smaller groups who walk around the exciting exhibitions.

We are happy to add 2 tour guides if the teams are large.

If you arrive in a larger bus group without having booked a guided tour, we are very happy if you give us a call at 20259048 a few hours, or preferably the day before, so we know that a larger group is coming.

As always, you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks, which can be enjoyed in the open air at the many tables/benches by the 5 lakes, or in the cozy dining house "Feldmessen", which is well sheltered in the beautiful plantation.

The bus driver is of course welcome to join the tour for free, but if he has done it before, he can just go to the café and get free coffee/water.

There are of course good toilet facilities, also for wheelchair users. The museum has a single wheelchair available if you need it.

We look forward to welcoming you:-)