PanzerMuseum East does not normally sell items that are part of the museum's educational program, but occasionally there are items for sale.

Contact Allan at for a viewing, or just come to Magazinet and ask for Allan.

Right now we have a lot of rare Danish uniforms, both individual parts and entire uniforms. some are prototypes, i.e. uniforms that have been tested by the army and navy, but never put into production. All in good condition. There are from both the army, including UN/UN and the navy. Some from the war, but otherwise after and up to the 90s. We do not send pictures of them, you have to come and look for yourself.

In addition, we have some East German/NVA and VOPO uniforms, mainly jackets and pants, but also other miscellaneous items such as new y-braces (basic braces) and medals, all from the early 60s up to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

We also have some CF clothing (Cold War period) such as jackets, trousers, overalls and boots. From the army there are also various M58 such as jackets, trousers, overalls and caps (Mason caps)

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