The latest collecting away from story investigation, investigation control, and you can taking a look at was securely intermingled

Around three of these potential informants failed to answer our very own consult, while seven of the 20 got kept operating lifetime, and 10 informants was resigned or was in fact probably retire in the future but was basically worry about-functioning. Just like the address category includes linguistic benefits, it was not burdensome for these types of ten informants to type narratives about their experiences, thus we’d ten centered, well-created narratives to examine.

Examining and you may interpreting new narratives

Inside study, by using both the literature and you will empirical research abductively, we attempt to identify the latest later field growth of the fresh informants in and beyond Finland. According to Fletcher (2007), story data helps boffins to move not in the “what” and also the “how” away from entrepreneurship while you are having the ability to answer technically “why” eg process migrate and you can extend round the more societies and you will contexts. From inside the story-depending lookup, the information and knowledge that is to be assessed by scientists show this new narrators’ work to explain and you may understand on their own due to their very own enjoy (White, 1989 locate in Mishler, 1990, p. 424.)

The focus is found on understanding the products one to determine brand new informants’ decision to continue as the thinking-in its old decades. Whenever composing the narratives, the newest informants provided meaning on the knowledge and you can tips, in addition narrating by themselves in addition to their identities. The latest narratives render an easy method having dealing with the life history of the informants. Thus, the newest stress is on this new informants’ individual views and you may thinking. Informants not merely divulged information regarding their lifetime, but they and additionally got an impression on what occurred as well as on whatever they experienced, and have on what they might appeal off their coming. Every one analyzed the woman life and offered they meaning, retrospectively considering as to the reasons entrepreneurship continues to be within their life.

New narratives were analyzed because they build grounds up to for each and every informant’s instance. After that action, theoretical positions have been modified in addition to proof is actually checked out once more that with thematic analysis (McAlpine, 2016). Then the narratives had been assessed of a special perspective, within the an iterative mode, when you look at the context of 5 important existence and you will job factors: (1) relatives and you may lifetime situation; (2) functioning records; (3) career style; (4) method of entrepreneurship; and you can (5) things about worry about-employment. A chart of your big lifetime and you may community stages of development of for each informant ended up being in depth centered on this story data approach. We currently turn-to the fresh new results associated with the analysis.


Every ten informants had certain connection with entrepreneurship, possibly as a result of thinking-a job otherwise freelancing, in their elite road before retiring, because described inside the line six away from Table 2. A couple of informants worked once the salaried personnel, and you can currently joint work and you may worry about-employment otherwise freelancing just before its old age. Immediately following retiring, these informants went on being employed as mind-working otherwise freelancer linguists. Eight of informants was indeed advertisers, self-operating otherwise freelancers, before retiring and additionally they proceeded such career after retiring. It outcome is based on the literary works, where considering solamente business owner inquiry, eg a crossbreed make of merging old age and entrepreneurship has increased into the Finland, since the 26% (letter = 1874) of your own respondents stated that in addition to their entrepreneurship they’d an excellent retirement according to the repaid a job (Suomen yrittajat, 2019).

All our informants encountered the same academic record but they had different kinds of industry routes. The informants in the a professional career (3) was indeed committed to its initially studies occupation, and you may have been freelancer translators, instructors and you can professionals, plus they went on become freelancers immediately after its senior years. Those in synchronous professions (5) were as well when you look at the salaried are employed in a workplace or perhaps in its very own companies, and in addition they spent some time working just like the freelancer translators and you can teachers. Individuals who had explorative work (3) had located different varieties of perform and you may businesses in which they could make use of the competencies and history in various environment. It shared self-employed translating and you may teaching benefit including which have tourism and you will travel contacting otherwise having tax counselling. Not one in our informants had a beneficial linear, traditional job path. Essentially, its careers was hybrid because they the shared various methods of operating and you may accompanied the first degree differently. They all developed their competencies constantly, and made their community ily terms.

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