The Panzer Museum's shelter facility (The facility is open all year)

Spend a night or more in the very special and unique shelter area located in the scenic pine plantation at Panzermuseum East. The shelter consists of the tube-bunker, pine barracks and field mess. Combine, if desired, an educational visit to the Panzermuseum East and get the total Cold War experience.

The Tube-bunker.

The unique Tube-bunker is furnished with seven large concrete tubes that can accommodate 2 people each and in the middle there is a large barbecue area. The entire plant is covered and between the tube, walls of sandbags have been built to give the experience of an old military facility. The tube-bunker is surrounded by planted earthwork which gives a cozy and special atmosphere. Each tube segment has a USB charging station. USB light sources are loaned out.


The pine-barracks.

The pine-barracks are a bunker facility built above ground, but covered so it feels like a trench. The barracks are divided into two large rooms each with space for 16 people sleeping in real bunk beds. Both rooms have access to their own outdoor barbecue area with seating, just as both rooms have charging stations for lamps and USB.


The field mess.

The Field Fair is a dining house that is equipped with seating for at least 32 people with a large bonfire / barbecue. The field mess is a particularly cozy covered dining room where many lovely evenings can be spent while watching deer and hares jump around the scenic plantation.


All 3 places are connected by a fixed wheelchair-friendly path system that also leads to a disabled-friendly toilet with flush and wash basin. Close to the field mess there is a washing station with drinking water.


Price per night is DKK 50, - per night for 1 person incuding 1 sleeping space, water, toilet and rinse, outdoor sink, usb and lamps.
Firewood must not be brought, and oven-dried firewood to 40 DDK. per. 25 l bag will be delivered on arrival.
For a little extra adult cousiness (survival) we stock in 14 different types of Riise Rome as well as Riise Licorise-Shot and Gin.

Book by writing to and for further information call tel. +45 20 25 90 48. Advance booking is required. When you arrive you will be given a set of rules regarding the stay in our scenic plantation.  

On arrival you will be given a set of rules regarding the stay in our scenic plantation.