In the vehicles collection, which all are in driving-conditions, you can find:

Tracked vehicles:

T72M: Czechoslovak license built Soviet tank. Denmark's largest privately owned tank.
T55 AM2: Hungarian license-built Soviet tanks.
BMP1: Soviet amphibious armored infantry fighting vehicle.
OT90: Soviet amphibious armored crew car.
SNAR-10: Soviet Fire-controle Unit with Long Range Radar. On MT-LB chassis.
FV432 MK2: English armored personnel carrier
FV439: English armored radio / bearing carrier.
T34-85: Soviet 1943 Soviet tank.
Gvozdika 2S1: Soviet 122 mm. self-propelled artillery.
2P24: Launch ramp in the Krug 2K11 system for “ground to air” missile 3M8. NATO- name: SA-4 Ganef.
1S12: Search radar in the Krug 2K11 system. NATO Name: P-40 Long track.
PT-76: Soviet amphibious attack vehicles

Armored vehicles:

OT64 SKOT R2M: Czechoslovakian / Polish amphibious command vehicle.
BRDM 2-9P131: Soviet amphibious missile vehicle with AT-3 missiles. Nato name: Sagger.
BRDM 2- RKhB: Soviet amphibious ABC tracking vehicle.
BTR 60-PU-12: Soviet amphibious air defense command wagon.
PRAGA M 53/59 "The lizard": Czechoslovakian 30 mm. twin anti-aircraft gun.
DANA VZOR 77 152 mm .: Czechoslovakian self-propelled artillery.


The truck collection, which counts more than 20 pieces, includes:
Tatra 815
Praga V3S in several variants.
ZIL 130
ZIL 131
STAR 266
STAR 660: complete field bakery
STAR 660: complete field hospital
URAL 375D: fuel transport
GAZ 66
ROBUR LO 2002 A KSA: Kommando-Stabs-Aufbau (with fold-out sides)
ROBUR LO 2002 A RKE: Rundfunk-Kino-Einrichtung - very rare propaganda-vehicle. Only 285 Pieces have been produced of these. The vast majority of whom are gone.
Bedford: English trucks of models J5 - J6 - RLG - MJ - TM.

Small Vehicles:

LUAZ 967 - Soviet amphibious transport vehicle.
UAZ 469 - Soviet surviellance vehicle ("Soviet Jeep").
Trabant - Kübelwagen border control car.
Tatra 4x4 - communication vehicle.
GAZ 69 - Soviet 4x4 all-terrain vehicle.
UAZ 452T: Fire-control unit for both artillery, tanks and missiles.


URAL 650 CCM - Soviet motorcycle with sidecar.
MZ 250 NVA - ordonans motorcycle.
MZ 250 - People's Police, VOPO, patrol motorcycle.

Tracked artillery:

M1931 / 37 (A-19): Russian 122mm cannon
M34: Swedish BOFORS 10.5cm cannon
Transmitter: "Iron Lady": 30 m high radio / transmitter from 3rd Bordertroop- regiment, Kaltennordheim. DDR.