Rental of the museum's plantation / park area for outdoor events.

The museum is surrounded by a 17 ha. large beautiful nature area with well-manicured lawns in combination with wild nature and younger spruce plantation. There are 5 lakes and there are fixed access roads and a large parking area.

The museum offers that you can organize your own event, whether it is private or public. The beautiful area can be used for, for example, a marketplace, outdoor concerts, nature events, role-playing events etc. which also includes accommodation in a tent, camper or in our Shelter-area.

The large forest parking takes approx. 350 cars with the possibility of extra parking of 3-4000 cars on fixed pasture directly up from the area.

In the middle of the area there is water as well as electricity (63 amp) while toilet conditions so far are managed with toilet carts and toilets at the museum itself. The area, like the museum, is handicap friendly and there are Defillibrator. For further information contact Allan tel. 20259048 or